Writing A Research Paper On Childhood Obesity

Your college teacher may ask you to write a research paper on obesity and poverty. This task is both interesting and difficult. If you haven’t written term papers before, you might not structure your text correctly on your own. To get a basic idea about chapters that your paper should consist of and an order that you should present them in, you should look at a sample paper outline.

An Example of a Research Paper on Obesity Outline

  1. An introduction.
  2. This chapter states the importance of studying obesity and presents a narrow topic that the author has chosen to investigate. For example, they may choose to write about the features of childhood obesity.

  3. A literature survey.
  4. This section should present and discuss the main literature sources that the author has consulted during their study. The sources should be divided into different groups depending on the schools of thought that they follow.

  5. A description of methods.
  6. In this chapter, the author should explain what methodology they’ve chosen to conduct their study and what the benefits of this methodology are. Then, they should thoroughly describe all actions that they’ve performed during their research.

  7. A presentation of found data.
  8. Here, the author should finally present the actual results of their work. They should give the raw figures, interpret their meaning, and explain the significance of these results. They may also state whether the outcomes met their expectations.

  9. A conclusion.
  10. This chapter should provide a summary of everything that has been mentioned in the paper. It should also offer, at least, one direction for other students to continue the work that the author has started in their paper.

  11. A bibliography.
  12. This section should include the full list of all sources that the author consulted during their investigation and referenced in their paper.

  13. Appendices.
  14. Lastly, a paper should have a section where large tables and graphs are presented. Putting such materials in the middle of the text would be inconvenient for the reader.

This is a basic research paper on obesity outline. To get more detailed information about chapters and subchapters that your paper should include, it’s recommended to take a look at an actual paper written on a similar topic.

Where to Get Papers on Obesity for Examination

  • Your college library;
  • Local academic centers;
  • Student forums;
  • Online academic libraries.

The sources listed above can provide you with papers on obesity that you’ll be able to examine in order to write your own paper better. However, only sources that demand payment for their help, like academic centers, will provide you with samples of the highest quality.

In brief, to write a good paper on obesity, you should make a good outline and follow it in the writing process. If you aren’t sure whether your outline is appropriate, you may go to your instructor with it. They’ll examine your plan and provide you with their expert opinion on what should be changed and what should be left as it is.