Composing A Cancer Research Paper Thesis Statement

The field of medicine can offer plenty of good research paper topics. Cancer is an interesting area to study, for instance. However, to write a high-quality paper with a strong thesis statement, you’ll need to narrow down the topic of cancer and investigate some specific issue related to this disease. Fortunately, students wrote plenty of papers on cancer over the years, so there are many sample topics for you to get inspiration from.

Medical Research Paper Topics: Cancer

    The usage of mouse models to study human cancer. 2. Differences in cancer cells metabolism and their exploitation. 3. The usage of immunotherapy in fighting cancer. 4. The role of epigenetics in studying cancer. 5. Cancer cells and the tumor microenvironment. 6. A set of traits common to different cancers. 7. Learning the mutations that cause a patient to have cancer. 8. The relation between cancer and hormones. 9. Methods for treating breast cancer. 10. Increasing the quality of life of children with cancer.

Tips for Composing Your Thesis Statement

    Make it focused.

    The statement that you make in your paper shouldn’t be related to a broad topic. Address a specific issue in your paper so that the direction of study is clear to the reader.

  • Make it debatable.
  • You should make a statement on a topic that has plenty of points of view on it. This way, your paper will raise more discussions.

  • Pick a side.
  • Reading your thesis statement, the reader should clearly see which side on the issue under review you’ve taken.

  • Make it raise arguments that will be supported later in the text.
  • Your thesis statement should be a roadmap to the following parts of your paper. Reading your thesis, a person should understand how you’ll defend your ideas in your text.

    You may do some additional reading if you want to learn more about composing great thesis statements for your papers.

  • Getting Examples of Research Papers on Cancer
  • If you’ve received a task to write a term paper for the first time, it’s highly advisable to look through several examples before you begin working on your own project. The sources that you can approach for samples are the following:

  • Your instructor.
  • This person is likely to have helped many other students with their projects before you. They should have many extra materials that can make your work easier, including high-quality sample papers.

  • Your college library.
  • In this place, you should be able to find a free research paper on breast cancer and papers on other cancer-related topics written by students. You’ll be able to take as many examples as you want from your college library. Remember, however, that not all student-written papers are of high quality.

  • Academic centers.
  • In an academic center, you’ll have an opportunity to buy sample papers on the needed topics. Although this option is costly, it’ll allow you to get top-quality examples written by professional writers.

    Following the tips that are given above, you’ll pick an interesting and narrow topic for your research paper on cancer and will be able to compose a strong thesis statement. Having read a few good examples, you’ll structure your paper in the right way.